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Weighed in at 114.6 this morning. Thank GOD. The past week I had been…

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Weighed in at 114.6 this morning. Thank GOD. The past week I had been in the 118 to 121 range. Fucking foul, I know. I don't know why. I suppose I had been hanging around at home more which equals boredom which leads to binging. This morning I had a bagel and a tablespoon of butter which came out to 380 calories. And I just ate a freaking plain glazed donut. Definitely should not have indulged, but I must say that it tasted AMAZING. I'll just have to keep it low for the rest of the day. I had two anthro tests this morning, lab and lecture. I was worried I hadn't studied enough, but I think I did pretty well actually. One more class and then home to start on the mountain of homework I have for tomorrow, and to start the philosophy paper that's due on Thursday. I feel like school is majorly stressing me out at the moment. Plus uc and csu apps are due at the end of the month, along with my personal statements.
Halloween weekend was eh. I went out Saturday night with some girls which ended up being really fun. We got into a bar. I got shit faced. Fucked up my leg pretty bad. So many bruises all over my body. Ha. What's new. Did blow on Thursday night. Again, what's new. I think I'm done with blow for the moment. I'm tired of wasting the money. I need to start saving.
In other news, I'm getting my tattoo on Wednesday! I'm so excited, and so nervous. I hope it turns out beautifully.
Moving up in life takes serious effort. I need to figure out a concrete plan. Money motivated.
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